Gunther Valkenborg

MVVP Lawyers

Gunther has almost 20 years of experience in all possible HR tax, reward and compensation & benefits-related themes that employers are confronted with.
He assists both Belgian companies and multinationals with their questions on topics such as the international mobility of employees and directors, the applicable social security and possible regularisations, the special tax regime for foreign executives and specialised employees, bonus (pension) plans, equity plans, expense allowances and the exemption from payment to the Belgian Treasury of withheld payroll taxes. Gunther also helps to set up the payroll administration, both in Belgium and abroad. He makes gross to net calculations and cost comparisons. In addition to advising, Gunther also helps with filing tax returns for residents and non-residents.
Gunther is active in close collaboration with our employment law experts.
Gunther speaks at seminars on topics related to the setting-up of a management company, payroll administration and tax reporting obligations for employee and employer, forms of mobility and the company car, international employment, as well as on any other tax and social security related topic involving remuneration. He also published several articles which include amongst others the tax treatment of severance payments, company cars and the tax and social security impact, in a broad sense, on one’s remuneration structure when on an assignment abroad.


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